One of my favorite things about this ordeal are the voicemails people leave.

I’m paraphrasing of course:

"Hey Steve, it’s 4:30am and I’m outside your house."

  • Hey rando, it’s 4:30am and you’re outside of a house….how long until Steve showed up to meet you?
  • Hey, what are you even doing at…

Who is Steve Maroni?


Hey Steve, who the fuck are ya?

And how do you spell your last name? Maroni? Muroni? Meroni? Maroney? Whatever, not urgent. Just touching bases with ya. 

Stay tuned for fun anecdotes about Steve Maroni’s friends and their quest to ruin my officemate’s life. 

This is a blog all about how my officemate’s life got twisted upside down.

Who the fuck is Steve Maroni